Hitchhiker – Xbox Live on Windows 10

Hitchhiker is an Xbox Live enabled title for Windows Store.  Control the traffic in order to get your character to the destination on time. Use power ups like boosts and overtakes to give you an advantage over the other cars. Level up and earn rewards that help your progress through the game. Hitchhiker puts your strategic mind to the test. Navigate the traffic to your advantage to ensure your car travels around unimpeded. Play with no less than 10 characters all with their own unique personalities which effect the game play. Furthermore, cars in the city move around at their own free will meaning each mission can be completed differently.




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Quinbu – Xbox 360

Quinbu is an adventure/strategy on Xbox 360. You take control of a small under dog hero who is trying to live up to his fathers name. He has to prove himself through a series of training areas and collect parts to rebuild his ship and return home.

You have to navigate the world collecting coins in order to complete each level. To make things a little more tricky you only have a set amount of energy which you burn while moving. Energy booster packs dotted around can be collected giving you a fighting chance. the challenge is then to plan your route carefully and collect the energy boosts at the right time. If you run out of energy you will have to restart the level. Furthermore, players looking for that extra level of exploration can seek out hidden chests hidden in each level. Players can unlock a unique in game reward by collecting all of them.

Developed using the sunburn game engine the game is the first fully 3D console title I have developed.

The Indie game marketplace closed in September 2017. As a result the game is no longer available for download.