Welcome to the big city where you play god. Control the traffic in order to get your character to the destination on time. Use power ups like boosts and overtakes to give you an advantage over the other cars. Level up and earn rewards that help your progress through the game. Hitchhiker puts your strategic mind to the test. Navigate the traffic to your advantage to ensure your car travels around unimpeded. Play with no less than 10 characters all with their own unique personalities which effect the gameplay Experience intelligent traffic flow, cars in the city move around at their own free will meaning each mission can be completed differently.


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Camera Timeline

Camera Timeline captures an event over a period of time by taking pictures a set intervals. Simply set your phone up in a stable location and click start. Camera Time line can be used for capturing Family events, home improvements and parties etc. You can see the pictures you have taken through the ‘Saved Pictures’ page. Whole collections can be exported to your phone’s media library where they can be transferred to a PC or shared online.


Flag Tastic

Flag Tastic puts your knowledge of the worlds flags to the test. Play using flags from specific regions or take on the full challenge of playing with all 234 flags. Unlock Flag Tastic achievements and track your progress with in-depth stats. Compete with other players to climb to the top of the global leaderboards. See how many flags you have collected from each region and which flags are still left to be unlocked through the Game Hub.



His & Hers

His & Hers tests your knowledge of your partner, friends and family and finds out how much they know about the real you! Questions are picked at random and each player gives their response before comparing answers. The app keeps track of your answer streak so you can see how well you are doing. You can also personalise the experience by addingyour own questions to the already extensive list to spice things up a little.



Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is a physics based puzzle game where you have to Santa get all of his presents packed for Christmas day. Move the boxes, by tilting the phone, in order to collect toys that fall from conveyor belts. You get points for every toy correctly collected and lose points if a toy falls into the wrong box. The game has extensive in game stats which can all be tracked on the  online leaderboards.



Boom….Headshot! tests your hand-to-eye coordination and reactions as you try and hit as many targets as you can before the clock hits zero. Not all the targets are friendly so be careful with your aim. 3 tiers of difficulty ensure the game is a challenge for all abilities. The game has OpenXLive support which allows you to compare your scores against the world with the online leaderboards and earn achievements.



Facts Of Life

Facts Of Life gives you random tailored facts based on your lifetime. Enter your date and time of birth and see down to the second how long you have been alive. Compare your results with famous celebrities and friends. So if you want to know how long you could have spent in the land of nod, how many hours you have spent in front of the TV and many other random facts download the game now find out.