As it currently stands road sections that have more than 1 turn direction have to be controlled by traffic lights. While this makes sense for the larger intersections its not really ideal for the T junctions, especially if there isn’t any other traffic around and the car could pull out safely.

This had been bugging me for a while so I have taken the plunge and made the T junctions flow on their own. This means that certain directions have the right of way and other cars will have to wait if there is other traffic around that they could collide with.

This, however, has presented a new issue. There are areas of the map where there are 2 T junctions close to each other. This can lead to epic traffic jams if cars want to turn across the flow of traffic. The screen shot below shows the issue.

The camper van travelling up the map is wanting to turn right and the black car coming down the map also wants to turn right but both their paths are blocked. I will have to add checks in to ensure cars are courteous and don’t block the junctions…Mr police officer we are are looking at you!




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