The first content update for hitchhiker is now live.

The update brings a new city expansion, challenges and new achievements.

The new expansion is situated to the south of the current city and be accessed by one of 2 toll bridges that cross the river.
The new area utilises new building designs and street furniture to help make the city look a little more authentic.

Challenges provide a fantastic way to earn XP or coins quickly. If available they are offered at the start of a mission and grant the player
unlimited power ups. There is then several collectables that have to be picked up before heading to the destination. The challenges are tiered from easy all the way to extreme.
The more difficult challenges will require the player to look ahead and move other cars out of the way quickly to make sure the character is not impeded.

There are 7 new achievements that have been added to the game that cover the new features. This adds another 500 Gamerscore to the total bringing it to 1500

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