Over the Christmas period I had feedback from a player on the TrueAchievement website saying that since the last title update, the game had struggled to run on his tablet. The main feature of title update 3 was the day/night cycle along with the weather system. As a result, this was my main area of focus when investigating what could be causing the problem.

This system came from the Unity asset store and I noticed that a new version had been released, boasting some performance increases. As such I decided to update Hitchhiker to include this new version. While the performance did increase and allow the player in question to run the game again on his tablet, it introduced a strange bug with the car highlights.

When a player selects a car, it shows a blue highlight around it (green if the character is inside). For some reason this highlight could be offset from the car. In some instances, this resulted in the highlight not being visible.

I Investigated this further and found it only occurred when I was running the game in the mode needed to submit to Windows Store. In development mode everything was fine. Rather than trying to dig into this and find out what the problem was I decided to quickly try and replace the outlines with another package.

This new outline package offered all the same features but boasted some performance improvements over the version I was using. To my surprise adding this into Hitchhiker was very quick and on the face of it I do think it is a little quicker.

An update is currently in certification with the updated highlight feature, so I am looking to forward to see how it runs on players machines.

As always if you face any problems with Hitchhiker please feel free to contact me using the links at the bottom of the site.

Thanks – Matt