It’s been almost 1 year since Hitchhiker was updated to include Xbox Live functionality. Since that time the game has had 1 major title update bringing new areas of the city, new game play features and new achievements. now 1 year on I am excited to announce that the second expansion is under development. It will go even further to expand the size of the city and bring new and exciting game play opportunities.
A new city expansion, situated to the east of the current city will be available for players to explore. This section has an old town feel and it full of period buildings.
Points of interest are also being added to the game. There will be statues dotted around the map. The player can interact with these and enter first person mode allowing them to see the city up close and personal.
Finally, maybe the most exciting addition in this update will be the introduction of trains. There will be 2 tracks the circle the map allowing for characters to move around much more quickly and offering a helping hand on those longer missions. While using a train the in-game timer will be paused, allowing you to make the most of the high-speed travel.
It’s still a little early to discuss potential release dates but for now here are some screenshots of how things are shaping up.

More details of the second expansion will be available soon so make sure you check the site regularly for an update.