The 2nd title update for Hitchhiker is getting close to completion. Here is a trailer highlighting some of the new features of the game

Title update Features

First of all, the title update expands the map with an old town city area and park, time trial game mode, points of interest, new modes of transports and 11 new achievements

The old town expansion can be found to the east of the main city and is unlocked once the player reaches level 20. To the south of the old town the new park area can found. The park is somewhere to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As as result of the map now being much larger, new modes of transportation have been added to making it easier to travel greater distances quicker. 2 trains circle the map. These can be accessed by the train station that can be found in each of the city areas. Helicopters offer even a quicker journey time and can be accessed by heliports doted around the map.

Point of interest allow you to get up close to some of the significant parts of the city. They can be accessed via selecting statues throughout the map.

Time trial mode tests you to deliver as many characters as possible against the clock. The time extends each time you reach a destination or by collecting time pickups on route. Time trial results are graded depending on how many characters you deliver

These changes bring with them 11 new achievements worth a total of 500gs taking the total up to 2000gs for the game.  

Just like the previous title update this one will be free – no season pass in sight.

The final stages of testing are underway now with the plan of submitting the update for approval soon

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