I am currently implementing a day / night cycle into Hitchhiker. 

Its something that has been on the to-do list for some time and I finally took the plunge and purchased the Enviro weather asset from the unity asset store. 

I am impressed with what the asset can do. I was very quickly able to get a day / night cycle working in the game. 

This did, however, give me some new problems to solve. I have now animated the windows of the buildings so they light up more once the sun goes down. Equally, the street lights / car headlights also come on once it goes dark. The street lights themselves don’t emit actual light (due to performance reasons), instead I have faked a lighting effect which from the top down perspective look good. 

I am currently working on adding some lighting effects, like boom, empathises these lights even more. Some early results are below – I now need to work on making sure the effects result in the game being too bright during daylight hours 

Day / Night

Day / Night

Day / Night


The next step is to add weather into the game. The Enviro weather asset supports this out of the box and had presets for cloud, raining and stormy scenarios  


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