From its early conception, Hitchhiker was designed and written to run on Windows Phone. As such the models / graphics of the game were tailored for this platform to deliver the best experience possible. Since that point the game has been released as a Windows Store application and, due to technical issues behind the scenes, is currently only available for download on a Windows 10 PC or Tablet (excluding RT models). This does mean that in most cases the game has more resources to play with. As such I have been trying to look at ways to increase the graphical fidelity of the game while keeping the core of the game the same so it will still run on a mobile should the time come.

I found a tool in the unity Asset store called Beautify. This tool can apply all kinds of effects to the game to help it stand out. Below are some screen shots showing a scene from the game before and after the effects are applied. While the difference at first glance may be small, I have found that overall it does help to make the city look a little more vibrant.

Without Beautify

With Beautify

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