Graphics in Hitchhiker

From its early conception, Hitchhiker was designed and written to run on Windows Phone. As a result the models / graphics of the game were tailored for this platform to deliver the best experience possible, especially in relation to performance. The game is current available as a  Windows Store application. However, due to technical issues, it is currently only available for download on a Windows 10 PC. Consequently this means that in most cases the game has more resources to play with. As such I have been trying to look at ways to increase the graphical fidelity of the game while keeping the core the same so it will still run on a mobile should the time come.

Enter Beautify 

I found a tool in the unity Asset store called Beautify. This tool can apply all kinds of effects to the game to help it stand out. The screen shot show a scene from the game with and without the effects applied. While the difference at first glance may be small, I have found that overall it does help to make the city look a little more vibrant.

Without Beautify

With Beautify

Future plans

In future title updates the plan is to incorporate more detailed models with greater texture quality. The aim of which is to improve the overall look of the game. Another idea is to build up new city environments in the unity editor allowing for a more natural feel to the city

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