The way things were

Since the games launch it has been using the .net scripting back end in unity. This made things simple when it came to integrate Xbox live support into the game. It was a simple case of adding the C# Xbox live projects and calling the relevant APIs

For some time now, Unity has been saying that having to support the .net backend was causing them some maintenance problems. As such their plan was to remove the option of exporting a project to C#, instead opting for C++. This IL2CPP scripting backend is the default for several other platforms that unity supports.

There are some benefits to using this, mainly the performance increase – I believe its around 30% more efficient. It seems like a no brainier. However, there would be the issue of integrating the Xbox live calls as such I stayed put with the .net option

The way things will be

Now unity is officially dropping support .net back end by the end of the year. Unless I want to stay on an outdated version I needed to find a way to use the IL2CPP option and have Xbox live calls in there.

Thankfully I found some very useful information / people on the unity forums.  After some tinkering I managed to get the game running on PC with full Xbox live integration.

With that part completed I decided to try running the game again on Xbox one. In the past the performance had been an issue, so I was interested to find out how things would run now. Amazingly the game runs smoothly at its 30fps target during normal game play (Some of the opening sequences need refining though)

The task now is to get controller support fully integrated along with working out some login issues which only appear to occur on the Xbox.

Once complete the plan is to re-submit the game for approval to launch on Xbox one. Hopefully the new day/night cycle along with the improved lighting will help the game look more aesthetically pleasing

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