There is still no word on a concrete release date on the Xbox Live update for Hitchhiker just yet, but I can release the achievement list for the game.

There will be 19 achievements worth a total 1000 gamerscore. The full list can be viewed on the True Achievement site below

Some of these are new / different to the achievements that are currently in the game.

I know some of you have been hard at work on the current version unlocking the achievements ready for the update.

I’m sorry to say I can’t give you any guarantee that your progress will carry over once the update is installed. This is because I am not directly responsible for how the data is saved on the device.

I use the Unity game engine to create the game and the save logic is all handled by them. In the past when I updated the game from Windows 8 to 8.1 the save games were lost.

At the time I did ask Unity if the same would happen again if I ever updated to Windows 10 (which the update will do). There response was that it should be ok – but of course this is not guarantee

Regardless of this though the new list shouldn’t be too time consuming to complete again!


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