Urban Golf

A new name and logo

What’s in a name? At its core it allows something to be identified. So, when
it comes to choosing a name for a game a name needs to be done carefully. The work in progress name for my current title had been one-hole golf. I thought this was a nice play on a “hole in one” in golf and linked to the key
gameplay of the player needing to get the ball into a single hole rather than
18 individual holes in traditional games.

This title alone didn’t cover┬áthe unique elements from the game such as
power ups and level exploration. However, I was at a loss how to incorporate these into the name.

Recently though my good friend Shuboarder suggested the title “Urban
Golf: Hot Dog Edition” because in his opinion “a quirky game needs a quirky title”

The more I thought about it I realised he was right. Not only that, the name
he suggested covered the fact that my game has both elements of golf and crazy enough to let the player know this is no traditional golfing experience.

What’s more I do have a character who is dressed in a hot dog outfit!

So, with this new name I set about creating a logo for the game. After several iterations, I settled with this.

I have started to brand all of my developer diaries with this new logo as you can see from the latest one below

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