In 2019 Hitchhiker was released on Steam. Ricochet was recreated and released on Console and Mobile and work started on my next title. As a thank you for your support I would also like to offer you a free copy of Ricochet! Let’s take a closer look
Hitchhiker was released onto Steam in early 2019 and marked my first release on the platform. I decided to implement steams cloud saves and achievements to keep things in line with the version released on Windows. I personally enjoyed re-creating the title artwork for the store listing. I feel the newly updated box art is a big improvement over the old version
After Hitchhiker was released I decided to re-create my old Xbox Live Indie game, Ricochet, in Unity. The initial aim was to complete the port in a few months. In the end, it took me almost double this time but the final result is a loving restoration of what was at one point the highest-rated puzzle game on the marketplace. The game was released as a creator’s title on Xbox One and Windows Store. Recently I also added in touch controls ad released the game onto the Google Play store. It was very exciting to have a game released onto a mobile platform once again. 
I have had a few different ideas for my next game. I don’t have anything final to announce just yet, other than its not Hitchhiker 2. I can say that it will be based in a city like an environment again. So this time around I am creating a traffic system that will be much more versatile than the one found in Hitchhiker.  I also plan to use 3rd party art assets straight from the off.  I am hoping The higher quality level that these bring should help get the game noticed during development.