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I have enjoyed playing games since I was about 6 years old. I remember playing Mario on NES and Sonic on the Mega Drive. As I got older I had a N64, Gamecube and then made the move to Xbox where I still am today. Mixing my love of gaming with my skills as a programmer have given me a hobby I cherish.

I studied games software development at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated in 2011 with First Class Honours.

My time at university taught me the basics of software development but more importantly, ingrained an already present passion for video games.

After graduating I started work as a C# programmer. I created small applications as a way to learn the language. One of these applications consequently turned into Facts of life. This became my first application for Windows Phone

This experience got me hooked on mobile development. Over the next few years, I went on to developer a number of mobile apps and games, all for Windows Phone.

As my development skills grew I took the tentative steps towards console development. This provided an extra challenge as there wasn’t much in the way of a framework or visual designer tools. However, this did give me a creative free reign to create games that would hopefully stand out from the crowd.

The time and effort to develop a game for the Xbox was much more than my mobile titles. After almost 18 months I completed Ricochet, a physics-based puzzler which at its release became the best-rated puzzle game in the UK and USA. This was a huge personal achievement and something I am immensely proud of.

After Ricochet I made the switch to 3D games and brought together my love of 3D art/design with my improved development skills. I purchased the 3D game engine, Sunburn, and set about creating my next Xbox game, Quinbu.

Quinbu sees you take control of the self-titled robot in his journey to conquer ever challenging levels and collect the missing parts of his ship to allow him to return home.

in early 2014 I started work on Hitchhiker which went on to become an Xbox Live-enabled title on Windows 10. A steam release came later in May 2019.